Quests: Mob Mentality
Mob Mentality
(Part of: Mobster Event)

Mob Mentality Pt. 1
» Have Chris Eat Cookies

Mob Mentality Pt. 2
» Build the Cigar Merchant
» Have Bonnie Watch Mobster Movies
» Have Quagmire Try a New Look

Mob Mentality Pt. 3
» Have The Fatfather Take Care of Business
» Earn 25 Gurl Scout Cookies

Mob Mentality Pt. 4
» Build a Shady RV to be able to hire more Wise Guys
» Hire 5 Wise Guys

Mob Mentality Pt. 5
» Hire a Wise Guy to Take Down a rival Cookie Truck
» Visit the Prize HUB
» Earn 100 Mob Rep to Claim the Starting Prize

Mob Mentality Pt. 6
» Upgrade The Fatfather's Mansion
» Have The Fatfather Question Consuela

Mob Mentality Pt. 7
» Clear Vicious Chihuahas in Lemon Cleaner Warehouse
» Have Diabeto Pick Up Candy

Mob Mentality Pt. 8
» Place the Lemon Cleaner Warehouse Grand Prize: Bad Roaches
» Earn 1 Star on the Lemon Cleaner Warehouse Map
» Earn 2 Stars on the Lemon Cleaner Warehouse Map
» Earn 3 Stars to complete the Lemon Cleaner Warehouse Map

Mob Mentality Pt. 9
[Image: qunvdxc3.jpg]

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