Events: Mobster Event
Mobster Event

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Don Corleone comes to town to start up his counterfeit cookie operation. The Don hires Peter to take care of his business and squash the competition.

Can Peter keep his family safe on the road to riches? Will the mob life be more than what Peter bargained for? Can Peter eat a hundred cannolis?

Watch the action unfold with Peter Griffin as The Fatfather.

New Characters
- Burned Out Brian
- Chainsaw Henchman
- Diabeto
- Don Corleone, the Godfather
- Don King
- Kingpin Consuela
- Mobwife Lois
- Mobwife Bonnie
- The Fatfather
- Zoot Suit Stewie

- All In
- Cookie Crumbles
- Earning Mob Rep
- For Sure
- Like a Boss
- Mob Mentality
- Money, Power, and Respect
- The Finer Things
- Warehouse Wars
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