Characters: The Fatfather
The Fatfather

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500 x Gurl Scout Cookies
- Get Gurl Scout Cookies by raiding rival Cookie Delivery Trucks and doing character actions.

15 x Wingtip Shoes (Unc)
- Make Bonnie Watch Mobster Movies
- Get from Zoot Suit Shop
- Get from Fur Coat Emporium

5 x Pinkie Rings (Ra)
- Make Lois Teach Piano
- Make Peter Overeat
- Make Chris Enjoy Private Time
- Get from Zoot Suit Shop

5 x Cigar Box (Ra)
- Make Jerome Be a Superior Athlete
- Make Joe Give Self a Sponge Bath
- Make Bruce Make Bathtub Gin
- Get from Cigar Merchant
- Get from Zoot Suit Shop

OR Clams: 420 Clams
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