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Full Version: Ping: Kirstie
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The arcade's back on - obviously it'll only show when you're on the laptop/computer.

Got about 230+ more games still to add, but there's 313 on there already. Smile
Clay Kitten Shooting Big Grin Big Grin
omg im going on Smile
[quote name='Marv']Clay Kitten Shooting Big Grin Big Grin[/QUOTE]

Cruel. So cruel.
[quote name='Dale']Cruel. So cruel.[/QUOTE]

Just keep me away from Nyx.... :p
[quote name='Marv']Just keep me away from Nyx.... :p[/QUOTE]

What Is Point.
[quote name='Dale']What Is Point.[/QUOTE]

Nah, I don't know what that means
What's with these games that won't submit the score Sad
cause its crap software
Some Flash games weren't injected with the correct piece of ActionScript to send the score properly, hence why you'll get a problem. If you tell me which games are problematic, I'll pull them. Smile